Are you an extrovert? Are you an extrovert that works from home? Nobody knows better than you that just seeing people can energize you and bring new life to your business and personal life. Throw in working from home and now there is a new dilemma of how to fill the void when as an extrovert, you derive your energy from being around people.

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Here are a few Tips for Surviving Life as a Work From Home Extrovert:

Get ready for the day.
We all love the fact that we can work from home in our pajamas, don’t we?! This, however, isn’t always the best thing for extroverts. Taking a shower, doing your hair and even putting on real clothes can set your mood for the day. When you feel pretty and put together, you can accomplish way more than if you aren’t fully ready to tackle the day ahead of you. (NOTE: I was provided this advice when I first became a mother and I believe it still holds true and is absolutely transferrable to life as a work from home extrovert.)

Get a change of scenery.
If staring at 4 walls for hours on end makes your skin want to crawl, go to a local coffee shop or a restaurant for a hour or two when you don’t have to be on a conference or video call. You may not have the opportunity to talk with lots of people, but your extroverted personality will be fed just by being around others.

Practical Tips for the Work From Home Extrovert

Work in the same space as other Work-from-Home Friends.
I am fortunate – my husband and I share a workspace. You may think this sounds torturous, but it actually works great for us. We get to talk to someone other than our dog, and we get to share our day in real time. We know what is going on with each other’s work environment and are able to collaborate freely – one of us is bound to have a suggestion, if not the answer, to each other’s most recent dilemma.

Try video conferencing with your colleagues.
So video really isn’t the same thing as physically being in the presence of others, but it’s still more human interaction than simply texting back and forth or even talking on the phone. So much can be conveyed just from seeing someone’s mannerisms and body language when they speak, that this interaction will do much more for your Extroverted soul than just a simple telephone conference call.

Schedule breaks.
Taking time to just think about something other than work, or even something other than how isolating work can be, can be beneficial. Scheduling breaks on your calendar or in Outlook will help you take them a bit more seriously and ensure you take proper care of yourself.

Work Out.
Head to the gym for a little sweat session or do an at-home workout with a DVD.  Okay… okay… so a DVD workout isn’t the same thing as heading to the gym, but if you aren’t fortunate enough to take off to the gym in the middle of the day, simply moving and hearing another human’s voice will jumpstart your day and your soul.

Go outside.
Call me crazy, but hearing the sounds of life outside of the four walls that make up my office is almost as energizing as actually getting to talk to someone. Take your laptop outside and watch life happen – nature, cars or even passersby on the street. If you live in an urban location, this is an especially great idea; however, just be careful for road or street noise if you have to make a phone call.

Try all of these or just one, but taking

What is your personality type? How have you adapted to feed your personality while working alone most of the time?
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