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So… you decided against Google’s free blogging service, Blogger for the more robust, more user-friendly platform, WordPress. Not, but the WordPress where you now need to register and pay for hosting. Now you have to build out the back end of your website. Where do you go from here? What hosting companies can you use? While there are many options out there, some are definitely more user-friendly and have greater access to a customer service team if you have questions. is my top pick for hosting services for your website or blog, especially if you are newer on the internet scene.

NOTE: We currently utlize HostGator for our business hosting, as well as personal website hosting. We have no complaints. We have tried other hosting companies in the past and feel this is an honest review.

HostGator Website Hosting Review

HostGator’s pricing is reasonable for the unlimited amount of bandwidth and disk space they provide. They have monthly payment options, as well as annual and multi-year hosting options. If you have numerous websites, you can also host them with HostGator and link your plan to the same billing cycle. Hosting for one website will run you approximately $80/yr depending on the plan you choose. (Tip: There’s a 25% off coupon code at the end of this post!)

hosting your wordpress website or blog - who to choose.

Customer Service:’s customer service really makes their service top-notch for me. I’m not sugarcoating it! Whenever I have a question or need some type of assistance that I can’t find a video or response to in their help files, I can open a ticket or chat online with a service agent. My answers are typically answered and problems resolved within 24 hours.

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Additional Features We Like:
HostGator’s Control Panel makes it easy to set up and manage targeted email addresses specific to your website domain. No need to use an outside service for email that doesn’t include your web address!
Using WordPress through HostGator’s C-Panel couldn’t be easier. Just activate WordPress on your account and start building your website.
HostGator also just upgraded their billing system which makes the process of finding things in your account, opening tickets and more easy!

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