Who is ready for a reading challenge?! I know, I know! One more thing to add to your plate, but trust me – this will be good!

If you read articles online about CEO’s, you will find one thing in common – most C-level executives immerse themselves in business books throughout the course of the year. They are constantly improving, constantly learning and constantly seeking to understand the changing landscape that business is. If you aspire to lead a company, a group or just be a better leader at home or in your community, you need to start reading.

In fact, studies show that most CEO’s read an average of 60 books per year! That’s more than 1 book per week! While I can’t commit to 60 books, I can certainly commit to 1.5 books per month, or 18 books this year. Below, you will find the 18 books that I have pledged to read in 2018. I hope you will join me on this journey throughout the year and this reading challenge to become better leaders and better readers, starting today.

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