Have an idea for a website? That’s fabulous! Now you might be wondering what your first steps should be… {**scratching your head)… get hosting, hire a web designer or look into business licenses? While you should definitely put those on your list, one of the first things you should do (after determining your website’s name, purpose and visual elements) should be to start building the brand and proof of concept!

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I get the following question a lot… A LOT!
Should I build social media channels before my website launches?

The answer? Yes, Yes and YES!

start-up business tip - build your social media presence before website goes live

Proper social media presence for your brand and website can and should start before that website ever goes live! Social media for start-ups – websites and blogs, is key to a successful launch! Build your audience, begin building your brand and start interacting with people who will be your champions for your new venture.

Be strategic with your social media accounts and play to your strengths. If creating images isn’t your strong suit, but interaction is, perhaps videos and Snapchat may be a better use of your time than Instagram. Of course, the social media strategy you employ depends on your business. If you are a handmade shop, you can’t afford to neglect the image-heavy social media websites as the more people that can see your product, the larger customer base you will create.

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social media strategy for startups - the first thing you should do

Want to know what you actually have to gain from spending the time to create those accounts? Here are 4 things you will learn from your social media accounts.

Start creating!

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