When it comes to writing for the web and specific SEO writing, it’s a VASTLY different ballgame than writing for the a print publication or simple business writing. While you want to maintain a consistent level of good grammar, writing for the web tends to skew more on the easy-to-read spectrum vs the intellectual spectrum. With the web, creating content that not only grabs your reader, but aligns with your SEO strategy is a fine line.

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Feeling a bit overwhelmed and daunted by the task of writing specifically for the web? Don’t worry about it! It’s definitely easier than you think, especially with the resources currently available. There are a number of ways to learn more about writing for the web, from books to articles – we have compiled lists just for you!

Web Content and SEO Writing Books

Here are a few of our favorites – these can be found online, at your favorite book store or at your local library.


Web Content and SEO Writing Articles

Check out these articles to get specifics on writing for the web and creating better web content.

Best resources for writing amazing effective online content and copy

Improving Readability of Your Content
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VWO’s 7 Proven Ways to Improve Website Readability and Boost Conversions
Yoast’s 5 Tips to Improve Readability
Yoast’s 10 Tips for an Awesome and SEO-friendly Blog Post

Creating Web Friendly Images
Amy Lynn Andrews’ Tips for Using Images on Your Website
DIYTheme’s How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Rankings
For Dummies’ How to Create Web-Friendly Images
MotoCMS’ Choosing Images for Your Website – The Minimalist Guide
New Fangled’s Content Styling Tips
From This Website:
Using Images on Your Website – The Basic Rules
Image Alt Tags – Why You Need Them and How to Do Them
Image SEO – Optimizing Your Images for More Traffic