So you have this great idea… you buy a domain name and you start working on your website, right?! What happens in the interim time between buying that domain and building your website. Maybe it takes you one night, or maybe it takes you one month or more to build it and get it just right in the mean time – don’t let your potential client follow along with the building of your site. It’s just not good for business!

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Using a simple coming soon plugin on WordPress to create a coming soon page will allow you to shield the outside world from seeing your website in development and also to allow you to start building a fan base before you even ‘go live.’ Integrating your coming soon page with a mail client allows you to capture email addresses from people who are genuinely interested in learning when you website launches. Why not, right?!

Creating a Coming Soon Page on your website also allows search engines like Google and Bing to accurately crawl your site and index it before it goes live.


Ultimate Coming Soon Page by SeedProd
The Best Coming Soon Plugin for WordPress

The Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin by SeedProd is one of my personal favorites! I use this for all of my clients’ websites that I build. The functionality is great and the ability to make it your own is incredibly simple. You can easily switch between a coming soon page, your updated website, to maintenance mode and back again in the matter of seconds!

Create the Perfect Coming Soon Page in WordPress with this Step by Step Plugin Tutorial

The free option gives you a basic coming soon page with tons of opportunities to make it your own with Google Fonts integration, as well as email address capture.

The paid version provides a library of images, as well as updates and support for a license period of 1 year. The paid version also integrates directly with services like mail chimp, allowing you to automatically capture and categorize a email list subscriber rather than having to manually key their email address into your email client as in the free version.

Another piece that I think is fantastic, is that you can also purchase additional themes for just $15! Why would you want to do that? It saves you time! While you can code the “free” theme to get exactly what you want, why bother, for just $15?!? If you see a theme that fits your needs, simply purchase, upload, customize it with your text, logo, etcetera and you are off to the races!

While I will admit, there are other coming soon and maintenance mode plugins for WordPress, the SeedProd Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin really is the best!