It’s easy for someone that doesn’t blog not to understand everything that goes into your running your online business – even if you are just making a measly few cents from it. You. Have. Plans. I get it – I do too! To accomplish a goal or stay the course on a plan, you need a clearly defined strategy and it doesn’t hurt to have a little help along the way. That’s why I wanted to share my number one blogging hack with you – it is seriously a game-changer and will help you keep your sanity as you navigate your business and your blog. Oh – and your earnings are sure to increase too!

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Drumroll please…

The #1 Game-Changing Blogging Hack that will Save Your Sanity and Increase Your Earnings

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

Do you just sit down at your computer and bang out a blog post?! While there is nothing wrong with that, your blogging life could be so much more efficient if you sat down and scheduled your blog posts and your social media posts. When you can physically see your posts come to life, that’s when you will have a better grasp on what your blog needs, what your readers want and how to actually earn the money you desire from your venture.

Plan your Blog Posts

Download Free Printable Blog Planner from Business Consultant Tiffany Staples

Grab my free printable blog planner. It has all the resources you need to actually plan each of your posts – space for ideas, image needs, back links, and more. There is something about actually putting your ideas down on paper – at least for me – that makes my writing and my ideas come to life. It’s the blogging hack that lets you connect the dots easily and your writing will become more fluid.

For sake of simple editorial planning, head over to your favorite store or throw a simple monthly calendar (think $5-$7) in your cart and start tracking what you will post when. Be sure to write in pencil, or grab some white out tape because you may need to change these over the course of the month. Tip: I use the extra white space on the calendar to write post ideas or plans for the following month or months.

This Game-changing Blogging Hack is the KEY to success as a new or existing blogger. Don't spin your wheels - try this and stay sane while increasing your earnings and making more money

Schedule Pinterest

Get a Pinterest scheduler. There’s ton of hype about scheduling your pins – and for good reason! Having a solid Pinterest strategy will skyrocket your blog or website traffic and have you raking in more views, growing your email list and making more money. We have used just about every scheduler out there and keep coming back to Tailwind – it’s my favorite!

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Visual Marketing from Tailwind

Schedule Instagram

An Instagram scheduler is an absolute MUST! If you follow me on Instagram, you will find out that I’m just not that good on Instagram. That’s OK. You may not be either. Maybe you love it. Or, you just may hate it. Either way, if you are in a visual space – think lifestyle or fashion blogger, mommy blogger, fitness blogger, etc, you need to be boosting your game on Instagram as much as possible. We like Tailwind for this as well. While you are pinning, you may as well be updating your Instagram feed as well! Remember, it’s against Instagram’s terms of service for a third-party to post to your Instagram account, so finding a service like Tailwind that complies with their TOCs is super important!

Schedule Twitter

We just discovered Twittimer. It’s pretty awesome – like you can upload a .CSV (think spreadsheet) awesome! Simply load in your tweets, upload date and time and their system will do the rest! Now that’s amazing!

Bonus Tip:

Use Facebook Groups and our printable Facebook Groups Planner to effectively manage your strategy on Facebook. It’s easy to get caught up on threads on Facebook Groups and waste 3-4 hours each day – don’t let that happen!

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