The best thing about the internet is that it is constantly evolving. The bad thing about the internet is that it is constantly evolving. We can change our content, our focus and our mission with the stroke of the keyboard. It is simple to rebrand our image, our ideas and our visions in as much as an afternoon.  So… how do you get the attention of your readers time and time again?! You grow your email list by creating a lead magnet!

The lead magnet is something so useful to someone else that it incentivizes them to exchange something you deem valuable for what you offer.

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In other words, a lead magnet can be created for growing your email list with an exchange of an email for what you are offering. It could be a freebie offered with the purchase of a product. Even a discount in exchange for contact information is considered a lead magnet. If it’s valuable to your reader, there is a way to create a lead magnet, or a lead hook as it is sometimes referred to.

grow email list subscribers with lead magnets and lead hooks

When do you use the lead hook strategy? Great question!

You should ALWAYS use it as a main email signup on your website. That’s a given. Additionally, using the lead magnet strategy when you are trying to sell a product, grow a following for a product or store launch, or gain readership and email subscribers on a particular article or subset of your business.

For an example of the later, check out this post and lead hook on Tips for Choosing a Business Partner. Hint:: There is a FREE printable as the lead magnet!

What exactly should I give away as my lead magnet? Ahhhh… the Million Dollar question!

Now you know what a lead magnet is, you are ready to implement this grand idea, but now you have no idea what would be best for your readers! Here are a few steps to determining your lead magnet. Remember, the beauty of things on the web is that they are constantly evolving. If your lead magnet isn’t working or it’s just time for a new one, change it up!

  1. Take a look at your website’s analytics. Who is visiting your website and how long are they staying?
  2. Determine why your readers spend time on your website or blog, shop at your store or simply follow you on social media.
  3. Go back through your old blog posts. Which posts are more popular with your readers? What comments have you received on those posts?
  4. Determine your target audience using Steps 1 and 2.
  5. Begin brainstorming relevant content to the target audience (Step 4) based on popular items on your site in Step 3.
  6. Execute!

37 Epic Lead Magnet Ideas to Dramatically Increase Your Email List

If you are still stumped, here are 37 KILLER Lead Magnet Ideas to Seriously Grow Your Email List.

Creating your lead hook doesn’t need to be hard – it just needs to be relevant! Make your readers happy and provide content that is valuable to them and you will have no problem growing your email list or your business!

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