You purchased your domain. You set up your hosting and your website design is on point. A killer theme and strategy is in place for your website. You loaded sufficient content onto your website to launch and now you are open for business. But…. you have no email followers!?! What’s a girl to do?! Create a lead magnet with these killer lead magnet ideas!

Here are 37 Lead Magnet ideas to get you started and start growing that email list from the start!

Feel free to tailor these lead magnet ideas to fit your blog or website’s overall theme – these are merely suggestions. Simply replace the italicized text with your topic or give. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity with these! Whatever you choose to provide your readers must be relevant and provide value to be an effective lead magnet.

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Guides are probably the number one lead magnet that you will see when you log on to someone’s website or blog. They can be simple or complex – that is up to you and your reader. Here are a few examples of titles that may be relevant to your readership.

  1. The 10-minute Guide to Changing Your Mindset
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest
  3. How Not to Devalue Your Skillset
  4. The Essential Guide to Effective Client Communication
  5. Every Girl’s Guide to Planning the Perfect Date Night
  6. The Pocket Guide to Safer Drug Store Cosmetics
  7. A Busy Girl’s Guide to Self-Care
  8. The Introvert’s Guide to Overcoming Social Fear
  9. The Extrovert’s Guide to Effective Listening
  10. How to Create Content that Resonates with Your Readers

Cheat Sheets/One-Pagers

Simple one-page guides and cheat sheets that help people accomplish a task quickly, without having to think through the steps are PRICELESS! These are compelling lead magnets because people can sift through the useful information in minutes and get more value for their time. Value for them equals value and loyalty for you

  1. Five Easy Steps to a Healthier You
  2. Ten Minutes to Better Organization
  3. One Page to a Better Marriage
  4. The Ultimate WordPress Cheat Sheet
  5. 10 Questions to Answer Before You Start a Blog Post

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Checklists are super easy to create, but very valuable for your readers. Not everyone has the time or the energy to think through details – that’s where you come in. You provide the value with your well researched checklist and your reader will glady exchange their email address for it!

  1. Get Your Blog Started Step-by-Step Checklist
  2. The Epic Product Launch Checklist
  3. The Ultimate Packing Checklist to Make Your Vacation EPIC
  4. An Easy-to-Follow Checklist to Build Your Makeup Stash

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Do you create printables for your business? Whether you create organizational tools, classroom materials, children’s-related content or blog about makeup, there is something that you could be printed by your followers.

  1. Printable Planners
  2. Calendar Printables
  3. Worksheet Printables
    note: We aren’t necessarily talking school work here, unless of course you create content around that. Think printable worksheets as it pertains to personal finance, calorie counting or even household organization.
  4. Décor Printables

>>> Need an example of a printable? Download the Facebook Groups Planner and the Printable Blog Planner. <<<

Webinar or Video Training

I love when I see this content. First, it’s easy for me to watch and comprehend – I may not have 10 minutes to read something, but I may have 2 or 3 minutes for highlights in a video. Create short videos and change them out on a regular basis. Short video content now could create a library to potentially create a robust video course down the road.

Here are a few videos that may be of interest to your readers:

  1. How to videos of crafts.
  2. Screen-share videos on simple, but complex computer or website design tasks.
  3. How to videos of products you are may be encouraging readers to try out.
  4. Round up videos of several products and why they make a positive difference in your life.
  5. Teachable, skill-driven videos – think skills not easily explained over text or images.

37 Epic Lead Magnet Ideas to Dramatically Increase Your Email List


Everyone loves a deal! Right?! If you sell something on your website, you have a great chance of collecting emails and additional information by hooking potential customers with a discount lead magnet. You may choose to offer this to customers who have ordered before, but are not on your email list, or perhaps you just want to focus on new email subscribers. However you choose to set this up, discounts can be very effective lead magnets.

  1. Percentage off a total purchase
  2. Percentage off of a featured item
  3. Free shipping

Trial/Sneak Peek

Depending on your business strategy, you may sell a video course or a workout plan. Providing a trial or sneak peek to your customers is paramount in gaining their trust to purchase the entire course or digital item from you.

Here are a few lead magnet ideas based off of trials and sneak peeks:

  1. One week trial of a video course
  2. Video #1 of multiple in a video course
  3. The first chapter of digital course
  4. A checklist or a key item of value from a digital product or course

Advanced Access

Have a product that has a launch date?! It may be in your favor to launch a few days later to the public and create a lead magnet based on advanced access to order product to email subscribers.

Free Abbreviated Service

This may sound like a sneak peek or even a trial, but it is a little different. Offering a “Light” or “Lite” (in terms of technology) version of your digital product or course will not only give people a chance to try out your product, but it will help you create a robust list of users. Free users that you can entice and convert to paid users!

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Whew!!! That was a lot of lead magnets! What’s your favorite?! Have you found that one lead magnet has yielded higher results over another?