I am SO excited, I could scream! I have used this printable blog planner for years and now, I have made it available to YOU! For FREE! If you struggle to stay organized and get your blog posts out on a timely manner, this is for you. If you like to just put your thoughts down on paper, you need this blog planner! Print out as many of these pages as you would like, punch holes in them and put them in a binder. This free printable blog planner will be all you need to stay on top of your editorial calendar!


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What is the Free Printable Blog Planner?

Through a combination of reader emails, consulting sessions and my own experience, the need for this free printable blog planner was born! This planner has it all, and now I want you to have it too! The printable blog planner is as almost as versatile as you are! Print as many pages as you need. Bind them together. Hole punch them and place in your favorite binder. Use the sheets loosely. Print them in color or black and white – they are beautiful either way. Use it whether you just had a genius idea and only have a title or if you are hurriedly planning out a post for today. With the space to organize your thoughts and your next moves, you will have once crucial element to being a successful blogger covered.

Free Printable Blog Planner from Business Consultant Tiffany Staples

How do I use the Free Printable Blog Planner?

On the planner, you will see several fields. Because everyone may use this differently, the following are just my suggestions for the most effective use of the planner.

Post Date: This is the date in which you intend for the post to “go live.” I have a habit of batching my blog posts around a particular topic; therefore, this is a field I tend to fill in last.

Post Title: The actual title of your blog post. Again, this is a field that I fill in later in the process as I want to be sure to maximize my SEO on my blog post title.

Keywords: Place your keyword(s) for the blog post here. I usually jot a few down and end up circling the one that best fits my post, as this is typically the keyword that I end up with. Additionally, it’s a great place for initial brainstorming.

Free Printable Blog Planner from Business Consultant Tiffany Staples

Links: Always try to include 2 backlinks (links to previous posts/articles on your blog) from your website, but if you can add more, great! Also, if you have an outside link to add in addition, this will be noted here.

Promote it: This is a check-list of sorts for your social media channels. Simply cross through something if you don’t use it.  Furthermore, please don’t feel obligated to post to all of these as they are merely suggestions! The last thing we want is for you to be overwhelmed!

Photos: We have a list of recommended must-haves and some bonus photos along with suggested optimal pixel size for each photo. Of course, your blog feature photo will be a size that is inherent to your website only.

Items to Accomplish: This is your to-do list of sorts. Add anything extra in here.

Ready to Get the Free Printable Blog Planner?

Download Free Printable Blog Planner from Business Consultant Tiffany Staples

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How are you currently planning your blog posts? Productivity increases when we use something that truly works for us. What would make you more productive?