By now, you should know that Facebook Groups are one of the best ways to promote your blog. It brings eyeballs and readers to your blog that may not have found you otherwise. This is especially important for new blogs and/or new bloggers! Most groups not only exist to offer advice and share strategies, but they have specific days and threads available for promoting your business, social media channels and most recent blog post.


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Finding the right Facebook Groups for your niche is just as important as joining Facebook Groups that pertain to general blogging as well. While you certainly don’t have to belong to each of these groups, these Facebook Groups have proven to be worth my time to drive traffic to my blog. Be diligent to be a valued member of every group that you join and make sure you participate in more than just the promotion threads. Giving back is just as important as promotion.

10 Killer Facebook Groups to Promote Your Blog

/General Groups/
Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
Boost Your Blog
Bloggers Unite on Pinterest
Blogging Beauties
BTR – Blogger’s + Instagram Community
Lovely Bloggers
Pinnin’ Ain’t Easy
Show Your Blog Love

/Mom-related Business Groups/
Mom Blogger’s Tribe
Mom to Mompreneur

Facebook Groups to Radically Grow Your Blog Business Tiffany Staples Business Consultant

What groups are you a part of that haven’t been mentioned here? Have you found them to helpful or a time-suck?