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Blogging Consultant and Branding Expert Tiffany Staples

I am a serial entrepreneur.

You see… I have tons of ideas. Tons. I am constantly scheming. Constantly trying to refine how to do something better, more efficiently and with less resources. It’s just me. It’s what makes me tick.

After building a successful business, I sold my vision for a little R&R with my family, but quickly found myself focused on helping others build their dream business and brand their ideas. I guess you could say that I couldn’t stay away for long! I’m currently kicking around marketing ideas as the full-time Director of Marketing for a local Automotive Group.

Need some ideas for your business? Want help with your marketing or simply want to get in touch? You can contact me anytime through my website or simply drop me a line by email. I can’t wait to talk with you, swap stories, favorite recipes or try out your new product.