How do you add a shopping cart to Blogger? Are you looking to add a shopping cart to ANY website, but not sure where to start? Whether you have a blog hosted through Blogger or WordPress, a Tumbler account, or a professionally coded website, you will be amazed at how simple it is to add a shopping cart! Adding a shopping cart to your website is easier than it seems and can be accomplished in just a few simple steps.

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Looking for a shopping cart that will allow you to deliver digital content?

Think printables, images or even HTML documents… That’s not a problem! Use a 3rd party shopping cart that is both secure and will take the manual labor of sending digital products to your customers, away!

How, you ask? Simple – it’s DPD Cart!

DPD Cart is an easy-to-use, third party shopping cart provider that allows you to quickly and securely sell downloads, keycodes, services and tangible goods. This is a GREAT option for those hosting on a server, like Blogger, that doesn’t allow an integrated shopping cart. It’s also a low-cost alternative to hiring a web designer or developer to code a shopping cart into your website.

How to add a shopping cart to any website including Blogger

Here’s what you need to know about using DPD Cart on your website

Cost: DPD Cart is VERY inexpensive! You simply pay monthly depending on the number of products you offer. They currently offer plans from $10/month for 20 products (including bundles) up to $130/month for 1000 products. As an added bonus, they are currently offering a FREE 30-day trial!

Ease of Setting Up DPD Cart: DPD cart is VERY simple to set up. You can brand it to look similar to your website or go with a very minimal approach. Whether you know a lot or a little about HTML, you will be able to easily modify the existing templates to meet your needs. DPD Cart allows you to customize your website’s shopping cart messaging, payment messaging and even point customers to particular pages of your website upon completion of purchase.

DPD offers a multitude of buttons that are easily inserted, through cut and pasted HTML code, onto your website.

Ease of Selling Digital Downloads: Whether you are selling an eBook or graphics for online scrapbooking, DPD Cart makes it really easy! All you have to do is upload your products once and DPD will take care of delivering it to your customers shortly after the payment goes through. You can also choose options like PDF stamping and disabling the copy and paste feature to decrease the likelihood of your digital hard work making it’s rounds all over the web for free. If you update your products often, DPD also makes it easy to send new editions or additional information to customers who previously purchased the items.

Ease of Selling Physical, Tangible Products: Selling “real” products is super easy with DPD Cart! You simply create the product, including photos and a description once in DPD and place it for sale in your cart and on your website. DPD Cart will automatically collect the appropriate shipping information from your customers and house the information for referral by you on the DPD Cart server.

Payment Processing: DPD Cart integrates seamlessly with Paypal. You don’t pay any additional fees (in relation to the monthly fee) to DPD Cart per transaction, but instead, credit cards, bank transfers and electronic checks are run directly through Paypal with the same process as Paypal payments with large-scale websites. Your money from the sales of products on your website is housed in Paypal for you to choose to disperse to your bank account.
*Please be aware that normal payment processing fees with Paypal apply.*

Many of you have expressed interest in moving away from craft-selling sites like Etsy due to high seller fees and lack of personalization. Integrating DPD Cart on your website is a great option for you! Whether you choose to add the DPD Cart shopping cart to your Blogger blog, or a WordPress hosted site, this might be the move you need to build your business!

Have some questions or aren’t sure it’s right for you? Leave a comment on the post below and I’ll do my best to help you out!


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