New Brand Social Media Accounts – 4 Things You Can Learn

This is the 2nd installment in our “Social Media for Start-ups” series. On Monday, we brought you the answer (and a little of the reasoning) behind when to start your social media accounts for your new brand. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive in to the why. It’s all about learning about your brand and your potential customer or reader – not necessarily getting your name out there as much as you can. New brand social media is key to the direction of your business – here’s why:

4 Things You will Learn from Your Social Media Accounts.4 Things to Learn from Your New Brand Social Media Accounts

Who Your Target Audience Really Is
The people that like your page and interact with your posts, aside from your friends and family, will help you determine who your target audience is. What gender is more attracted to your brand? What is their age group?

How to Get Your Fans to Interact with You
Say you start posting photos but don’t get much response. On a whim, you decide to post a video and BOOM!, your fan base starts sharing the video and before you know it, it’s your most popular post. This gives you great insight into what your followers want to see in order to interact with your posts, as well as where to eventually spend your marketing dollars.

Proof of Concept
Does your audience like your product or concept? Social media, especially new brand social media affords you the opportunity to use your early fan base as a “think tank.” If you are a products-based company, run colors and even design choices by your fans to increase participation and give your fans a sense of ownership in your company.

Who Your Competition Is and How Nice They Play
Don’t let the “How Nice They Play” part throw you off. Identifying who your competition is, and how active their social media accounts, as well as what’s working for them (from what you can tell) will prove to be an advantage as you take your brand, your website and/or your blog to the next level. Using your fan base to poll them about their use of competitors and even to reach out to competitors that might be willing to partner with you is invaluable.

What did you learn as you a new brand, just starting social media? Did you take those things you learned and translate them into results or do you wish that you had?

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