Image SEO: Optimizing Your Images for More Traffic

When it comes to blogging, there’s one bloggy “no-no” that stands out among the rest – it’s image SEO! Bloggers spend countless hours on that “perfect” image for one blog post, but fail to spend the additional two or three minutes it takes to optimize their image SEO. Why not?! It’s easy – here’s how to increase your image SEO in three simple steps:

1. You need to have “alt” text – alternative text. While you may know what you are looking at in a picture, a search engine bot doesn’t! Let it know what is important in the picture by placing an alt text tag in addition to your image. Don’t worry, it’s not visible by your readers – only search bots and those dissecting your code!

Creating image alt tags are easy! Find out how by clicking the photo below.
create image alt tags for SEO
2. Pay attention to file size! So… you like HUGE photos on your website?!? Not a problem! Except, you do need to make sure that the file size is the smallest possible (not the actual photo size, just the file size) so that it loads faster. The faster the photo loads on your website, the higher ranked on SEO you are!

There are tons of free options available online for compressing your file size or simply resizing your images. For those with several photos to a post, sites like will easily do the trick!

Image SEO3. Name your photos accordingly. Thinking about keywords might make your head spin, but it’s more important, especially on your photos, than you may be thinking! Name your photos using your keywords to optimize your image’s search ranking everytime.

It should look something like this:


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