HTML Page Jumps :: Creating Page Jump Links to Items Further Down Your Page on WordPress

Did you know that you can create simple HTML page jumps within your WordPress posts and pages? I know the simple thought of anything HTML-related may send shivers up your spine, but it’s actually pretty simple!

create Page JumpS in a WordPress Page or Post


At the beginning of your content, whether on a page or on a post, create a link using a photo or text.

The URL for the link will look something like this:
<a href=”#samplebonuscontent“> Text or Image</a>

You can choose to name your bonus content whatever you wish, as long as it is an original name from other links on your website and it’s somewhat easy to remember for the next steps. Just remember to place a # in front of the name when creating your link.

Tutorial How-To for Creating Page Jumps and Links on Pages in WordPress - Tiffany Staples

The next step is determining where you want your page jump to begin. We recommend that you complete this task after creating your content for the webpage or post as it will be easier to determine where to place the HTML hook for the HTML page jump. Nonetheless, once you have this determined, enter the following HTML code:

<a name=”samplebonuscontent“></a>

Just remember to replace “samplebonuscontent” with your name as chosen above.

Publish your page or post and your HTML Page Jump is complete!

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