Royalty Free Images, Photos and Illustrations that are Actually Affordable!

Finding quality royalty free images for your website or blog might seem like a hassle. Think of the hours you spend sifting through thousands of photos at an online mega stock images site, or even spending countless hours trying to get the perfect shot for just one page on your website. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Going the legal route, by securing royalty free images, is a great use of your marketing and production dollars and time, especially when they are affordable. Think stock photos are stuffy, especially when visions of corporate-types in business suits carrying briefcases come to mind? Think again! The royalty free stock photo sites of today are much different, offering anything from bright, beautiful imagery and photos with a vintage feel to illustration vectors and overlays.

5 Websites for Finding Low Cost, Affordable Royalty-Free Stock Photos, Images and Illustrations Online.

They key to using stock images is to find ones that match the look and feel of your website.

Here are 5 royalty-free images websites that won’t break the bank if you are looking to purchase a specific image:

My Favorites:

Dollar Photo Club
Dollar Photo Club
is hands-down, my favorite paid royalty-free image site. It’s incredibly user friendly, the customer service rocks and best of all, each image is only $1! I don’t know about you, but my time is worth way more than $1 to try and shoot the perfect image.

The DPC is a members-only, subscription based site. You can choose to submit an application to be granted access to their monthly subscription system, where you pay $10/month and are granted 10 image downloads per month. According to their website, not everyone is accepted to the monthly subscription program. If you aren’t a gambler, the yearly subscription-based model is $99 for 99 downloads for the year, with no application process. Each subscription allows you to carry over your unused downloads month-to-month/year-to-year.

Want to know what else I like about it? It’s super easy to search and categorize the photos that you find. I have created numerous light boxes within my Dollar Photo Club account for a variety of purposes. As I write content, I refer back to my light boxes for inspiration and choose the images I will use.


If you are on the fence as to whether you should pay for images for your site, an option for you is Kozzi. There are thousands of images for you to choose from at a very affordable price – $0.50 for each image or less!

With Kozzi, you can choose from a per image rate or purchase a monthly plan that provides 5 image downloads per day, at a rate around $15/month! Currently, they are offering a 7 day trial where you can search until your heart is happy and still download 5 images per day! Follow the link below to sign up for the trial:

Kozzi Images -

Honorable Mentions:

dreamstime may be a mega royalty free images site, but it’s fairly easy to use and the pricing is significantly lower (with the exception of the Dollar Photo Club and Kozzi above) than some of the other larger sites.

dreamstime has a monthly membership model, as well as a yearly membership based on the number of image downloads you want to have access to each month. Pricing starts at $39/month.

PhotoSpin is another one of those royalty-free images sites that have absolutely beautiful images for a very reasonable price.

While they do offer subscriptions, the subscription-based model is truthfully only a fabulous deal if you download hundreds of stock images per year. If you download only a few images per month, they do have an option to pay as you go for your royalty-free images for a price of around $2 each.

Although I would classify Shutterstock as one of those sites that has a gazillion images and is a HUGE player in the royalty-free, stock image space, they really do have almost anything you are looking for.

Shutterstock offers subscription-based memberships that provide so many images per month or year, as well as pay as you go pricing. With the pay as you go pricing, plan to spend roughly $10 per image.

Wherever you get your images, just make sure they are royalty free images and you own the right to use them on your website or blog before posting them.

What’s your favorite royalty free images source?


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