Let’s get the stuffy stuff out of the way…

Tiffany Staples is a curator. As the CEO of Red Rebel Media Group, she strives to create beautiful web and graphic design. She uses this outlet, TiffanyStaples.com to impart her many years of bloggy wisdom and strategies. Blogging is near and dear to Tiffany’s heart, as some might say that’s what she knows best. Blog consulting from design function and accessibility to expanding reach, to marketing and monetization. Tiffany also does a limited amount of blog-only website designs focusing on functionality standpoint to readability and flow, to stunning images and design with an eye on operating costs.

And now for the fun stuff… let’s learn a little more about who Tiffany Staples really is:

About Tiffany Staples Creative Web Design and Blog Consulting

Five Wacky Things You May Not Know about Tiffany
1. Tiffany has been known to rewash clothes left sitting in the washing machine.
2. Tiffany rarely misses an episode of the Bachelor or Bachelorette.
3. Tiffany started her career selling and marketing PopRocks candy. (She actually worked for the candy manufacturer in their sales and marketing department.)
4. Tiffany and her husband have owned and lived in 4 homes in the last 3 years. They just can’t make up there mind where they want to be!
5. Tiffany graduated from high school at 16. She went on to graduate from college with a B.S. degree at 19.

Tiffany is a self-taught web and graphic designer, as well as successful blogger. Tiffany co-owned a blog that built an audience of over 100,000 subscribers through email subscriptions and social media, as well as a sizable monthly income. Tiffany currently calls Atlanta home and is a wife and full-time mom to one rambunctious little boy.

You can contact Tiffany here or at her creative agency, Red Rebel Media Group. She would love for you to just say, “hi!”